Contemplating a renovation?

Discover the right place to start as Roxanne Boutzis from Bluewater Interiors shares the secrets of designing your renovation.

Design Your Renovation: a masterclass

May 14, 2021 @ 2 pm EST

Ever wonder how they do it?

How do they even know where to start?

How do they select all the materials?

How do they make it all look so fabulous?

How do they do it?

Who are they? I’m talking about designers.

And I know how they do ‘it’ because I do it every day.

Hi, I’m Roxanne Boutzis, Interior Decorator + Designer and I want to share with you
how I do renovation design for clients in my upcoming masterclass
Design Your Renovation: Discover the right place to start.

Design Your Renovation is a 45 minute session where you will learn the step by step process I use with my full service renovation clients. This is a process I created to ensure the planning stage of the renovation is a success and benefits my client before and during their renovation.

During our time together, I will reveal…


The best – and really, the ONLY – place to start when planning your renovation.
Most people begin their renovation in the wrong place and what inevitably happens is they become frustrated, confused, and then overwhelmed. I’ll share with you the right place to start and get you moving forward on the right foot.


My propriety design process that I personally created to serve my full service clients.
Renovations are not something you just dive into! They do not work that way and in the cases when they do, things will blow up, budgets will escalate, and the whole ordeal will be more stressful than it has to be. I’ll share with you the step by step design process I created that really works well.


What you need to have in place for a successful renovation.

Ever have a contractor scope out a plan on a piece of paper for you? Or have a contactor suggest that what he did for a previous client would work really well in your space? Neither of these are a good plan, let alone a plan at all. I’ll share with you how a Renovation Design Plan is the best thing since sliced bread.

I’ll also be sharing an innovative self-guided design service that will enable you to use
my propriety process to create your own Renovation Design Plan.
You are going to want to stick around for this because I have a special offer for you.

If you have a vested interest in ensuring that your renovation is a success,
then register for this masterclass now!

About Roxanne


Roxanne is an Interior Decorator + Designer who is a five-star rated design professional. Her company is Bluewater Interiors and she specializes in designing for renovations of homes and cottages along Ontario’s West Coast. She lives in Bluewater, Ontario with her husband Frank and Rhodesian Ridgeback, Kaia.

What Do People Say!

Roxanne provided a ton of advice for my upcoming kitchen renovation. It was 45 minutes packed full of advice and recommendations. She gave me so much helpful information and ideas to improve my space. Her knowledge and expertise were very evident. I would highly recommend Roxanne for any of your interior design needs!

Brittany Jantzi | St. Joseph, ON

Roxanne completely changed my perspective on how my home could look. Instead of trying to make do with what I have, she gave me the confidence and encouragement to think about what I want my space to be. Very liberating! Thank you, thank you. I love my space!

Susan Kalman | Exeter, ON

Working with Roxanne was a pleasure – she is professional, easy to relate to, understood my needs, and has a creative eye for design. I would definitely recommend her for any design challenge!!

Nicole Nayoski | Calgary, AB

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Why Should You Attend?

I know how overwhelming and frustrating planning a renovation can be. In fact here are some things clients have said to me when we first met…do any of these sound familiar?

If you can relate to these statements, then you need to sign up
because I have something that will help you.